Can You Answer the Call?

Posted on 15th August 2012 in Environmental Issues

Today I issue a call to action, and it is long overdue. Too long have we sat idly by as the forces of corruption and pollution have choked our precious atmosphere! It is time to educate yourself. It is time to find new purpose. It is time to rise above your shackles and never let them bind you again!


I ask you, do you know your state representative? If not, then why not? Change comes from knowledge, change comes from effort, change comes from standing up and showing you care. Get to know him or her on a personal basis. Learn you are strong once again. Become yourself. This is my call, answer it.

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What is the Clean Air Initiative?

Posted on 6th May 2012 in Environmental Issues

The American Lung Association of the Central States, dedicated to the prevention, control and cure of lung disease, is tackling the clean air issue head-on through the Clean Air Initiative. The Clean Air Initiative is a voluntary pollution-reduction program empowering individuals, businesses and communities to contribute to improving the quality of air.

Millions of Americans are consistently exposed to pollution, both indoor and outdoor, at levels that are scientifically proven to be harmful to their health, only exacerbating the negative effects of lung disease. Yet clean air can be protected, and pollution can be prevented. Individual efforts may seem minimal – like replacing light bulbs with compact fluorescents or slightly increasing the temperature on your air conditioner – but as a whole, quite an impact can be made.

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Air quality is home quality

Posted on 5th April 2012 in Environmental Issues

Every sunny day you see a cloud over the mill. Why do we need to pump the air full of chemicals in the middle of the night? Who does it hurt? Who does it help?


We need better air, for my health and yours. We need to encourage the local clean businesses, because people are making money without polluting the environment. Those people should be recognized.


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